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Brand Audit


A Brand Audit, Assessment & Analysis™ (BA3™) is a strategic and operational tool whose objective is to help you achieve consensus regarding your brand identity, fulfill your vision and objectives through clear messaging and strong positioning, and build more enduring customer relationships.

Audit Strategy

The audit holds that all of your communications should be properly aligned with one another, and with the values of your customers, to create relevant and consistent messages. The brand audit focuses on the message itself, not on the channel that delivers the message. 

Audit Benefits 

  • Establish a strong and highly visible brand identity for your organization   
  • Come to an agreement regarding your organization’s primary positioning and messaging 
  • Align your communications with your organization’s values and objectives, your market opportunities, and your customers’ needs
  • Anticipate and articulate customer expectations and requirements 
  • Create a blueprint for excellence in communications
  • Establish a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of your ongoing communications plan and programs

Audit Structure

The audit questionnaire is comprised of approximately 25-30 questions, the core of which is designed to reveal the basis of all positioning and messaging: 

Vision Who are we and what are we striving to become?
Values What do we stand for?
Concept What business are we in and what niche do we fill?
Differentiation How are we unique?
Promise What hopes, needs, and desires do we satisfy?
Solution What problems do we solve?
Benefit What are our core strengths and advantages?
Position How are we and our competitors perceived in the market?
Motivation What compels people to buy and use our products and services?
Expression What characterizes the way we sell and provide service?

The Audit Process 

Tagline Guru creates a customized audit that takes into account your short and long-term objectives, your timetable for accomplishing them, as well as your market expectations, challenges, and barriers. The audit may be conducted by e-mail, telephone, or in person. 

The Audit Report

The BA3 is a written report that articulates all of the touchpoints and attributes of your brand identity. The report can be easily modified and updated. As a strategic benchmark, it will become increasingly more valuable as your marketing plan evolves. The final document should be reviewed carefully by you and your colleagues to ensure it is clear and consistent, and free of conflict or controversy. Ultimately, the goal is to get everyone on the same page. 

The report is usually comprised of the following sections:

Strategies, Priorities & Opportunities

Brand Identity
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values 
Brand Message 
  • Brand Position
  • Overarching Brand Promise
  • Audience End-Benefit
  • Brand Affinity
Brand Definitions & Keywords
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Categories
  • Decision Makers, Influencers, & Recommenders
Brand Expression
  • Personality
  • Style
  • Tone
  • Point of View
Brand Comparison
  • Competitive Brands
  • Competitive Strengths & Weaknesses  
  • Brand Identity Chart 

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