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A storyline is a brief narrative designed to communicate the message and meaning of your tagline’s brand vision, values, promise, position, solution, benefit, and/or customer experience.

Below is a diverse representation of storylines that Tagline Guru developed for a wide range of clients. Even though the typical storyline is 100 to 125 words, some are characteristically longer or shorter, or exhibit a particular style or tonality, depending on the client’s target audience and the entity branded (e.g., company, non-profit, educational institution, movie, destination, interactive game, consumer good, etc.). 


Never on Someday

You’ve heard it all before from you know who: “Your package will be delivered in two, possibly three days.”

Well, one thing is clear: You’ve never heard it from FedEx. And you never will.

That’s because FedEx guarantees Overnight delivery, Second Day delivery, and Saturday delivery – or your money back.

It all comes down to peace of mind.

First, we operate a dedicated fleet of 670 aircraft and never use commercial airlines where delays and cancellations are commonplace.

Second, we never charge for pick-ups. We’ll even give you a discount when you use any of our 45,000 convenient drop-off locations.

Third, nothing matches the quality and reliability of our online tracking and shipping services.

So if anything is clear, it’s the FedEx guarantee: Guaranteed delivery with guaranteed peace of mind. Because in our vocabulary, you won’t hear words like somehow, somewhere, or Someday.

And you never will.

Maryland English Institute, University of Maryland

Language skills that last a lifetime

There’s no shortcut to learning a new language or reaching one’s goals.

However, with the right preparation and instruction, you can acquire the skills to master the fundamentals of English and learn the language of success.

At MEI, you’ll learn more than just a language…you’ll immerse yourself in a culture. We’ve created a fun, friendly, and student-focused environment that offers a rigorous real-world experience designed to enrich your life and career.

Whatever your ambition or special challenge, you’ll get the essential tools and personal attention to help you pursue your chosen path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

So join us now…and learn the kind of language skills that last a lifetime.

Piedmont Choirs

Inspiring voices. Enriching the world.

What is the sound of excellence?

To us, it is children practicing their passion and communicating with the world through their music. It is inspired performance that expresses joy and awakens the artist within.

At Piedmont Choirs, we are dedicated to instilling a lifetime love of the choral and vocal arts – informed by critical thinking, nurtured through rigorous training, and elevated through global understanding.

By touring internationally and presenting new music from living composers, we continue to set a standard for musical artistry and ambassadorship that is unmatched for its innovation and achievement.

Most importantly, we offer children the unique opportunity to cultivate their creative gifts, enrich and enlarge their world, and give voice to the song that will inspire us all.

Tree of Life Health Advocates

Let hope help you heal

When faced with a serious health challenge, you need a creative, capable, and compassionate advocate to help you through it.

R. Ruth Linden is that person.

As the founder of Tree of Life Health Advocates, Ruth is more than an advocate. She’s also an ally and advisor. She knows how to simplify an often confusing and complicated healthcare system – listening to your fears and concerns and delivering the kind of strategic advocacy that keeps you at the center of the treatment process.

Guided by your needs and values, Ruth remains present every step of the way. She advocates on your behalf with a gentle tenacity, a zeal for justice, and an insider's wisdom that only she and her wealth of experience can bring to the fore.

When you’re overwhelmed and there’s no other place to turn, there’s relief in knowing that Ruth is by your side to protect and reassure you – bestowing the hope that will help you heal.


Roots so rugged you’ll thrive

Resilience in business is essential.

It protects you against the downside that everyday emergencies and disruptions bring. It ensures that you manage risk, regardless of your resources, and provides a solid foundation from which you can ultimately flourish.

At Prisere, we know firsthand what it takes to rise, rebuild, and recover from a major disaster. Through careful planning and preparation, we help enterprises large and small adapt to adversity, leverage their core strengths, and successfully sustain their most vital operations.

Bad things happen. That’s a fact. But you can persevere in spite of them. By building resilience into your business, you can capture the upside, control your destiny, and keep blooming.

That’s the power of having roots so rugged, you’ll thrive.

From the Rough (feature film)

It was a million to one shot…and they liked the odds

Nobody gave them much of a chance.

They were misfits and outsiders. They had chips on their shoulders. And they simply didn’t fit in. It was the wrong school, the wrong sport, and they were the wrong players.

But it was the right team.

Opportunity is found in the unlikeliest of places, and Catana Starks scoured the world to find her gems in the rough. But how did she and her team accomplish the impossible when everything was stacked against them? For one thing, they had big dreams...impossible dreams.

And those are the best kind to have.

But this isn’t just a story about overcoming adversity and earning a place in the sun. Not by a long shot. This is about changing the way you view the past, turning your losses into a source of strength, and finding your true potential through others. It’s about making every shot count whether redemption lies at the end of the rainbow or not.

Being underdogs was the best thing that ever happened to them. Sure, it was only a million to one shot…but they couldn’t have asked for better odds.


Give it a Stir!

Go on, give it a stir!

See how easy it is? See how fast it works? Talk about simple.

It’s Tstix® – the exciting new way to stir things up.

With its revolutionary patented design, Tstix is the ideal delivery system for tea, coffee, and a host of other beverages. All it takes is a stir...and your drink is ready.

No packages to open. No messy drips. And no strings attached.

Ah, the joys of simplicity.

So sit back, relax, and give it a stir!

257th Army Band

Same old is not part of the program

The 257th Army Band delivers an audience experience that goes far beyond the traditional military concert band, showcasing lively and upbeat musical styles and selections – from pop and jazz to classic and contemporary.

Think of us as Sousa on steroids.

We’re not your grandfather’s band that regales you with endless variations of oom-pah-pah. No way. Instead, we like to shakes things up and surprise you with funny skits, dueling soloists, inventive ruffles, and stylistic flourishes that get your toes a-tappin’.

We play uniquely American songs that you know and love, and can sing the words to. By keeping in step with the times and in touch with what our audience likes, we’re committed to putting on a show that is energetic, entertaining, and easy on the ear.

So come, enjoy, and relish an unforgettable musical experience. We promise that same-old is not part of the program.

Natural Selections Vending

Nature has good taste

Sadly, we’re so hooked on sugar, syrup, salt, fat, and artificial chemicals that everything else we eat seems to pale in comparison.

Our perception of flavor has been largely corrupted by these super stimuli, and our taste buds are dominated by neuro-chemicals that seek immediate pleasure and gratification.

It’s like any form of addiction...but we’ve got a simple solution.

We’re Natural Selections, and we vend only what’s pure, nutritious, and natural – and nothing else. And when we say natural, we mean anything that is fresh, organic, or raw. In other words, what Nature intended.

We decided to work with Nature rather than against it, and make natural ingredients and flavors available to anyone who wants them.

Nature has good taste…and there’s nothing anyone can do to improve upon it.

Essence Pty. Ltd. – Essence of Woman (Lesotho)

You, breaking through

Empowerment comes in many forms but has one goal: To help you achieve a higher level of success and satisfaction by making breakthroughs possible in your life, business, and career.

At Essence of Woman, we’re committed to you blossoming and thriving, and realizing your dreams. By giving you access to essential tools, resources, and opportunities, we’ll help you catapult your career forward so you can pursue a profoundly richer and more rewarding life.

We believe in a workplace where there are no impediments to women’s advancement and success and in a private sector persuasively incented to close the age-old gender gap.

Become the catalyst behind the transformative change that lets you take risks, embrace your life’s work, and, ultimately, break through.

Little Green Bags (Canada)

Your future's in the bag...naturally

Become a catalyst for change and empower others to make a difference.

It all starts with a little green bag, an innovative and durable textile product that can be used and reused until it literally melts back into the Earth.

It's the green alternative to retail plastic – a 100% renewable resource that helps rid the planet of unwanted, damaging waste. It's “eco-logical,” a natural solution to the mountainous landfills that litter our landscape.

If you care about the environment and want to contribute in a big way, get yourself a little green bag.

Choose to make a difference. Your future, our planet's future, depends on it.

Invite Change

Be the Cause

To awaken awareness and bring about sustained change, organizational leaders must engage those around them and inspire transformation.

It is a process that requires bold and creative leadership – enabling others to become more whole, capable, and resourceful.

This kind of breakthrough is generative and flows from a well of energy and possibility that springs from within. It manifests itself as a clear and conscious presence that is fearlessly creative and unconditionally curious. It is a purposeful choice guided by precision and grace that helps leaders to coach powerfully, partner respectfully, and lead authentically.

To foster this sense of alignment and increase the level of individual engagement, leaders must become not only the agents and navigators of change, but the cause of that change.

To break old patterns and bring wholeness forward, leaders must contribute their whole selves to the process...and be the cause.

Kessler International

Where lies go to die

The truth can be rather elusive. Not so with Kessler.

As professional investigators, we follow the trail to the very end – no matter how daunting, demanding, or difficult. Computer crimes are the most complex cases to solve, but with our thorough attention to detail and reputation for integrity, we'll pursue the facts until they're fully revealed and illuminated.

That's our mission...and we won't cut corners or fall prey to any misconceptions to deter us from our objective: To provide you with complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Regardless of the fraud or falsehood that was perpetrated, we know exactly what we have to do.

And if lies are going anywhere, they're coming straight here to die.

Wisdom Spring

Unleashing the wealth in wisdom

There’s a richness and wealth that is intrinsic to indigenous beliefs, customs, and traditions. It is something which Wisdom Spring is dedicated to preserving and disseminating to the rest of the world, especially communities in the West.

Wealth, in this instance, has the broadest of meanings because it is referring to cultural, spiritual, and material wealth.

There is also an intrinsic benefit to acquiring and sharing ancient wisdom. It contains a living and breathing set of values that can be applied successfully in any community. By linking wisdom and wealth, a dynamic is created that leads to real change, transformation, and restoration of community.

By the same token, by giving indigenous peoples the necessary tools and material resources to strengthen their communities, we can help preserve and perpetuate this rich and vital way of life.

Japan Tobacco International (Canada) – Macdonald Special

Canada's best kept secret

Mac Special is a distinctly Canadian brand, older than Canada itself, and inextricably linked to our history and cultural heritage.

Its smooth and satisfying flavor, premium blend of fine tobacco, and excellent value make it a trusted brand that never compromises on quality. Mac Special is for discriminating smokers who don't go with the crowd and want to stay ahead of the pack.

Like Canada itself, Mac Special doesn't have to prove itself to anyone. It's proud, unpretentious, and a true original. And like most of the simple pleasures in life, it consistently delivers more for less.

It's simply Canada's best kept secret.

Miguel Lima Realty (Canada)

Your story begins with sold

Every home has a story, and every story has its memorable moments. With recollections such as these, it’s no wonder your home occupies a cherished place in your life.

As your realty, we are committed to helping you find that one special home in which you can make and share a lifetime of memories. And we’ll be with you throughout the buying and selling process to guide and advise you, and make your experience one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.

After all, your story begins with sold – one that promises to be longingly remembered and lovingly told.

Relationship Marketing Factory – iQueue

Perform with impact

There’s a smart way to do live testing...and we call it iQueue.

It allows you to mine your target audience for insights and intelligence in a controlled lab environment so you’ll know – in real time – which methods, offers, and scenarios find their target quickly and effectively.

Large call centers are slow, costly and inflexible. Not iQueue. We specialize in small-scale projects that let you test alternative approaches, make the necessary adjustments, and obtain the answers you need with a minimum of risk and exposure.

By focusing on high aptitude results that deliver understanding, you’re guaranteed to perform with impact.

Magical Me (Ireland)

Make magic. Grow confidence.

Magical Me is an interactive game played together by parents and kids that makes learning fun, positive, and meaningful.

Designed to teach essential skills that instill optimism and self-confidence, Magical Me enables children to express their thoughts and feelings, and take responsibility for them.

Unlike most games that emphasize play without consequences, Magical Me helps kids engage constructively with the world and experience the kinds of emotions that ultimately shape character and lead to a more fulfilling life.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily your kids make magic and grow confidence.

Mexican Caribbean Golf Course Association (Mexico)

Two similar taglines, each with a slightly different storyline:

Itza swing away

The sun. The fun. The vast expanse of green.

The Riviera Maya has it all: sixteen world-class courses that cater to your every need.

In paradise, you call the shots…and you control the calendar. That’s par for the course.

In fact, you won’t find a nicer place to hit the links. So play like there’s no tomorrow and stay for the royal treatment.

No matter how you slice it, itza swing away.

Itza golfer’s paradise

If life’s a beach, golf is paradise. And Spring break is fine, but our season lasts all year long.

Nestled in the nicest slice of paradise you’ll ever find, the Riviera Maya boasts sixteen signature courses and a host of world-class amenities that make all the others green with envy.

After all, this is paradise, only greener.

Sure, come for the fun in the sun, but stay for the Mayan magic. Our calendars don’t have any bad golf days...and this isn’t just any paradise, itza golfer’s paradise.

Al-Centillion (Saudi Arabia)

Your life, even more exceptional

If life is good, it can be better. If life is better, it can be the best.

And that’s where we come in.

We’re Al-Centillion – and we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving only the very best, the select and distinct few.

But we’ll go one step further.

For us, treating our clients as exceptional is the rule, and enabling them to craft a discretely exclusive life of world-class luxury is our mission.

So if you think your life can’t be even more exceptional than it is, think again...and tell us the life you want.

Bo-Witt Products

Innovation that breaks the mold

For more than a half century, Bo-Witt Products has distinguished itself as a leading innovator in the manufacture of insulators and thermoset composites.

As a custom molder, we take great pride in our ability to create tooling designs and solutions that not only meet spec, but push the boundaries in terms of timeliness, efficiency, and effectiveness.

We maintain the highest standards of quality and superior performance – machining and modifying parts that hold tighter tolerances under the harshest of conditions. It is this focus on innovative thinking and responsive problem solving to which we are dedicated. It reflects our passion to succeed and ensures the highest level of customer confidence and success.

For us, it’s all about staying true to form and fostering the kind of innovation that truly breaks the mold.

Hair Club (formerly Hair Club for Men)

More of what you want

We know what you want and we have the wherewithal to help you get it....and keep it.

For the last 35 years, we’ve helped nearly a million people replace and restore their hair to its original glory. We’ve also improved the quality of their life by showing them respect and dignity, and enabling them to rebuild their lost confidence and self-esteem.

Instead of spending endless hours trying to conceal hair loss over which you have no control, find a long-term solution instead – a full and undetectable head of hair you can call your own and a full and active life that has so far eluded you.

If it’s more you want, it’s more you’ll get – from looking younger and more virile to feeling more vital and attractive.

Make the investment in yourself to get more, gain more, and face the world head on.

Tri-Valley (Northern California)

Our roots are showing

The Tri-Valley is proud of its roots – its historic and agricultural past, its close sense of community, and its burgeoning wine industry.

These are the roots that embody its unspoiled charm and authentic, small town experience. And they are visible everywhere: in the region’s personality (modesty and sincerity); its voice (hospitable and informal); and its style (lack of pretension).

The Tri-Valley does not take itself too seriously. It is a “diamond in the rough” offering vintage quality, high-end amenities, but without the accompanying artificiality, high prices, or rampant commercialization.

The Tri-Valley is the real deal. It never lost touch with its true identity or core values. In a region whose roots are an honored tradition and reflect its relaxed way of life, the Tri-Valley, California experience can be described as nothing short of enriching and nothing less than authentic.

Nukkad (United Arab Emirates)

Street inspired. Fresh desired.

There’s a new healthy hangout in town – and it’s awesome!

Welcome to Nukkad – where the grills are fresh, the cutting chai divine, and the Indian street experience completely authentic.

If you’re fond of the tasty treats found in traditional roadside food stalls, you’re going to love Nukkad. Our restaurant offers a wide range of simple and scrumptious delicacies from India’s most popular home recipes that use only the freshest ingredients and most exquisite of flavors.

Nukkad is also a place where you can relax and chill or grab a quick bite on the go. It’s got the look, feel, and taste of the street – just healthier, cleaner, and a little quieter.

Think of us as the food stall that has it all – street inspired but fresh desired.

The Canadian National Research Council

Research and Technology that mean business.

Doing your own R&D in-house can be risky and costly. On the other hand, collaborating with a strategic partner that assumes some of those burdens can make a world of difference.

That’s where CNRCSolutions comes in.

We’re the country’s premier research and technology organisation with broad cross-sectoral expertise spanning multiple disciplines.

As the catalyst behind numerous innovations, our focus is to mitigate your risks, enhance your efficiencies, and accelerate your time to market. In fact, with our combined technical expertise, technology capabilities, and state-of-the art research facilities, we’ve helped thousands of small to mid-sized and large companies become more profitable and globally competitive by providing practical solutions to the toughest of business challenges.

After all, we’re Canada’s engine for industrial innovation – your solution for capitalizing on opportunities that will help you achieve business success.

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