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Portfolio Highlights


The Alabama Housing Finance Authority
Come on home, Alabama.

The Alabama Housing Finance Authority is a public corporation dedicated to serving the housing needs of low- and moderate-income residents of Alabama by providing affordable financing of safe and sanitary, single- and multi-family housing. Since 1980, the AHFA has served more than 100,000 Alabama families and was the first to offer vacant multi-family units financed with AHFA-administered housing credits for displaced individuals in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

American Express
Reward. Recognize. Retain.

This tagline was created for the Corporate Alliances Group. Business gift cards and gift cheques are used to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and build goodwill. They can be used for new product trials, product recalls, loyalty programs, subscription-based incentives, sweepstakes, promotions, or rebates. They’re an ideal way to reward, recognize, and retain the most deserving of clients, customers, and employees.

At your side. For the long term.

This tagline was created for Strategic Financial in Claremont, CA. AnchorCare, which we also named, is Strategic Financial’s Long-Term Health Insurance Division. Its mission is to protect the quality of life and preserve client control over health-related decisions. AnchorCare delivers an intimate, humane, and hands-on form of advocacy — one that is designed to bring comfort, confidence, security, and peace of mind.

Apple Computer
More power to you.

When Apple launched the Power Macintosh 6500 and 4400 series, CPU speeds of 300 MHz, 48 megabytes of RAM, and a 4 gigabyte hard drive were considered breathtakingly fast and powerful. However, speed and power were secondary to the excitement, energy, and empowerment experienced by Apple users, a community that prides itself in thinking different and controlling its own destiny. This tagline is all about them, not about the machine.

Asahi Intecc Company
Your dreams. Woven together.

Based in Nagoya, Japan, Asahi Intecc Company is a leading international manufacturer of ultra-thin, ultra-fine wirerope used in the production of medical, industrial, and custom devices such as catheters, endoscopic cables, guidewires, and a range of precision wires. Known for its superior quality and ideal torque performance, maneuverability, and rotation tracking, this braided and flexible wirerope has improved the quality of life and intervened to save many lives — fulfilling the dreams of a better tomorrow.

Belly Up Aspen
Any closer and you’d be on stage.

Belly Up Aspen is the premier live music venue in the town of Aspen. Catering to both locals and a worldwide clientele, the club is known for its big sound, great vibe, and intimate atmosphere. With seating for only 450 people, Belly Up Aspen is the ideal room to get a first-class, first-row experience and see major artists up close and personal. It's what live music is all about! Click to view banner (pdf).

Never on Someday.

When FedEx introduced its Saturday and Second Day Delivery service, it wanted to differentiate itself from the U.S. Post Office, whose Priority Mail Service promised package delivery in two, maybe three days. This inexactitude was an easy target and Never on Someday was born.

The price you put on peace of mind.

FedEx’s guaranteed delivery day was backed by its famous money-back guarantee, which served to bolster its brand promise. Turning an age-old adage on its ear, we felt that you could put a price on peace of mind: the mere cost of delivery and nothing more.

The sound of one finger shipping.

We helped FedEx get online with their award-winning shipping application, InterNetShip, now called FedEx Ship Manager. It was not only the Web’s first killer app and a first-to-market solution, but remains a staple Web application used by businesses and consumers throughout the world. Stressing ease and simplicity, we took a Zen approach with The sound of one finger shipping.

We also created two additional taglines for InterNetShip: Click! Ship! Done! and The best package deal for online shippers.

Heartland Payment Systems
The highest standards. The most trusted transactions.

Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE: HPY), the seventh largest bankcard processor in the United States, is the creator of the Merchant Bill of Rights whose tenets it fully endorses and embraces. In contrast to the rest of the industry, Heartland feels a sense of obligation to educate and empower merchants by providing them with full disclosure and dedicated, face-to-face, local service and support. As an advocate for industry reform, Heartland has built its reputation on maintaining the highest ethical standards, keeping its promises, and practicing what it preaches. The concept of trust is the cornerstone of Heartland’s brand and at the heart of the customer experience. Since transactions are both personal and financial, “trusted transactions” imply that merchants can be completely confident in Heartland’s system and its word.

Interact Performance Systems
People skills learned right, not rote.

This tagline was created for a company that teaches fundamental skills that help organizations, and individuals within those organizations, achieve their strategic objectives, perform at higher levels, problem solve more effectively, eliminate conflict, become more self-directed, and regulate their own behavior. The people skills taught are innovative and highly interactive, using group exercises, structured rehearsals, and role-playing. The results are measured by actual behavioral change in the work environment – in-process measures that assess participant understanding, ability, and motivation.

Little Green Bags
Your future’s in the bag. Naturally.

Little Green Bags is a 100 percent recyclable and renewable textile product made of organic, industrial hemp that changes the way people shop and think about our disposable society. As a viable alternative to paper or retail plastic, Little Green Bags is an eco-ethical, Earth-friendly solution that enables retailers and shoppers to go “Green,” protect the environment, and give back to the community. Little Green Bags sends a clear message that the well-being and survival of the planet is in our very hands.

Rumbi Island Grill
Go tribal. Eat tropic.

The Rumbi brand spells adventure, especially for those who are tired of the same old food and bored with the same old flavors. “Go Tribal. Eat Tropic” captures the sense of fun and excitement that characterize the Rumbi experience -- that of an Island paradise where the tropical sights, sounds, tastes, and smells arouse the senses...an exotic destination that appeals to our desire get away from it all and enjoy something truly out of the ordinary. Click to see tagline.

Second Decimal
Tax solutions that get to the point.

Second Decimal is a technology company that combines industry-leading tax expertise with state-of-the-art technology, providing an integrated suite of tax accuracy and efficiency solutions that get straight to the point of improving tax processes and increasing productivity and profitability.

Named by Tagline Guru, Second Decimal's products include CommandPoint™, which increases the visibility, accountability, and performance of tax processes; PinPoint™, which ensures pinpoint accuracy through a tax calculation engine designed and developed by tax practitioners; and ControlPoint™, which manages and shares purchase and sales exemption certificates to improve tax compliance and reduce audit exposure. Click to view products.

Tri-Valley, California
Our roots are showing.

This tagline was created for the Tri-Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau, which hired The Byline Group to re-brand the region and develop its new slogan. Known for its authentic small town experience, historic past, and flourishing wine industry, the Tri-Valley is a premier wine and golf destination that cherishes its main street values. In contrast to the over-commercialization of Napa Valley and the business-as-usual attitude of Silicon Valley, the Tri-Valley is refreshingly relaxed and unpretentious – and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’re looking for greater authenticity and unspoiled vintage charm, it’s the perfect weekend getaway and weekday retreat.

Wells Fargo

In 2005, Wells Fargo wanted to build brand awareness on its ATM machines throughout the state. We created over a dozen anigifs (9-second ads) that focused on strengthening the bank’s brand promise and ongoing relationship with the community.

Different dreams. All within reach.

Created for “Individual Banking,” this tagline is all about making dreams come true for depositors, borrowers, and investors regardless of their particular financial stature or status.

Reaching out. Lending a hand.

Created for “Hands-On Banking,” which is a commercial-free public service that educates kids, teens, and adults about the importance of saving and investing, this tagline is all about serving the community and helping people become more knowledgeable and responsible in their financial decision making.