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“We chose Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru to create our tagline. The end result was far beyond our expectations. Eric understood the core of our business and came up with the ideal tagline -- combining the vision, appeal, and functionality of our flagship product. Eric was quick and thorough, and knew almost instinctively the kind of tagline our brand required. We also hired him to craft the brand narrative for our website, which turned out be just as impressive. We're so happy with our decision to work with the 'Tagline Guru.' It's refreshing to collaborate with someone who is at the top of his game.”

– Jason Morrisby, Founder & Managing Director, Mask Fragrances, Sydney, Australia

“My investment in tagline development was one of the best decisions I made for my young business. It didn't matter how many taglines I generated over the past year -- on my own, with friends, or even online. I got my 'Yes!' only after working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru. Eric's tagline prowess, dedication to the task, and commitment to understanding my business was rock solid. And interestingly, his process inspired some new insights about my own business objectives. Thank you, Eric, for your patience, smarts, and clarity of ideas. I love my tagline and couldn't have done it without you.”

– Karen Shoshana, President & Founder, Wellness Girl, Wilmette, IL

“As part of the rebranding efforts of our professional organization, we wanted to create a tagline that reflected our core value proposition in a direct, clear, and fresh way. We initially tried to come up with candidates ourselves, but we just didn't feel any of them fit the bill. We then brought in Eric Swartz from Tagline Guru. He was able to provide us with a logical and thorough process for vetting our alternatives. More importantly, he gave us that creative spark that we needed, and helped us evaluate each candidate that we wanted to take forward. When we picked a winner, he was very helpful in guiding us to next steps in ensuring our new tagline was protected from usage elsewhere. I'd highly recommend Tagline Guru if you need some expert guidance and creative thought around your tagline creation.”

– Christopher T. Rotolo, Ph.D., Task Force Chair, Rebranding Committee,
Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Bowling Green, OH

“Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was instrumental in helping us move forward with the development of our tagline. He gave us the framework we needed to focus on important positioning and branding questions, and to identify our number one customer promise. He also provided a diverse range of tagline options for our consideration and then used our feedback to craft a final version that expressed our organization's main value proposition simply and succinctly.”

– Charles Duquette, Maryland English Institute, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

“The brand team along with the agency of record was tasked with developing a new brand slogan and were having a very difficult time creating new expressions that adequately captured the essence of the product and brand simultaneously. We enlisted the help of Eric at Tagline Guru to get us to the finish line and he expertly delivered. His methodical approach helped us hone in on the critical points of communication while making sure we stayed true to the brand’s ideals. We definitely plan on using him again and several of the alternate slogans are being considered for promotional campaign use.”

– Megan K. Johnson, Brand Manager, Core Brands, Borden Dairy, Dallas, TX

“Tearing your hair out searching for the perfect tagline on your own? Don't bother! Instead, do yourself and your business a huge favor and hire Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru. I wasted a year trying to come up with the ideal tagline, and because of that, nothing else in my marketing efforts was ever quite right. Eric solved my problem in four days. Better yet, in less than two weeks, the results from that tagline created a huge buzz in my industry and now my competition is groaning. I’ve been able to take my new brand expression and build a whole campaign around it. Eric is very easy to work with and brilliant at what he does. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat!”

– Sandra McPherson, CEO, Old World Artisans International, Dahlonega, GA

“Eric truly is the guru of taglines. He distilled my firm's essence down to five perfect words. Eric uses a multistage, interactive, and iterative process that is thoughtful, creative, and fun! I recommend him to anyone seeking to take their business to the next level.”

– R. Ruth Linden, Ph.D., President, Tree of Life Health Advocates, San Francisco, CA

“I would entrust the development of my tagline to no other than the tagline genius and guru himself -- Eric Swartz. His ability to craft words forming the perfect tagline is unique. What had been, for us, nothing short of elusive came together with Eric's sublime word skills in a succinct and powerful message that encapsulates why customers need to purchase from our company.”

– Lester Earl, Managing Director, XSTO, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

“We had been working on a slogan for our LED Lighting company for months and our efforts had failed to produce anything of real substance. We needed something short and memorable...a tagline that really rammed home our product and company USP. We realised we needed some outside assistance and, after a quick Google search, we found Eric Swartz, the Tagline Guru. After swapping a few e-mails, Eric got to work and created a short list of options. In that list, he came up with an expression that truly represented our brand and products – something that couldn’t be applied to any other company in our industry. Eric created the perfect tagline and I’d highly recommend employing him to help you with yours”

– Chris Stimson, Managing Director, Well-Lit, Huddersfield, U.K.

“We operate a directory of insurance professionals. Our business is unique because we serve two different groups. Those who need help with insurance and those who can provide insurance help. We wanted a tagline that captured the essence of what we do and also served all parties. We thought we had it figured out until we contacted Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru. Eric was extremely easy to work with and his process was clear cut. He understands branding and positioning and will work with you until your tagline is perfect. We would definitely use him again.”

– Jeff Beilinson, President & Founder, Brokers Collective, Bridgehampton, NY

“Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was an absolute pleasure to work with. We needed a compelling marketing tagline to support the rebranding of a private academy. Eric’s professionalism, efficiency, and creativity were evident throughout the entire process. We were presented with a list of tagline options which was so impressive it was difficult to just select one to use. Eric will be my top choice when I need another tagline creator in the future.”

– Corinne Han-Danforth, Senior Director of Marketing, Lancaster Mennonite School, Lancaster, PA

“We hired Eric Swartz for his consummate creativity, capabilities, and expertise. His brand analysis was right on target and will serve as a blueprint for communicating our brand message and implementing a sound brand strategy. The sloganeering, which is vintage Tagline Guru, captures the spirit of the Tri-Valley and reinforces the brand identity around which our region can unite.”

– Amy Blaschka, President & CEO, Tri-Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau, Pleasanton, CA

“Our work with Eric Swartz and his knowledge of creating taglines was invaluable. We were thrilled with all the various options and the extremely quick turnaround. Eric exceeded our expectations in terms of the cost and quality of work. What we appreciated most was his ability to cut through the politics of a branding project – delivering real results and then some!”

– Jody Cameron, Web/Marketing Manager, City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

“The process of working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was easy and painless. He analyzed the image and direction we were aiming for with our startup company, and was able to summarize it with a list of potential taglines. As we narrowed down choices, he continued to propose alternatives related to our favorites, all the while seriously considering our feedback until we'd decided on one. It was a very collaborative process in which everyone involved was appreciated. He also responded promptly to all of our e-mails and calls, and overall was a pleasure to work with. We would definitely recommend his services for any company's tagline needs.”

– Kaila Maranon, Creative Copywriter, Petphabet, Fremont, CA

“It was a pleasure working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru to develop a tagline for Saunderson Security. The process was thorough and really got us focused on what message we wanted to convey. The tagline options were well presented and varied. Eric is definitely the 'Guru' of taglines.”

– Mike Saunderson, Managing Director, Saunderson Security, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

“Eric Swartz is a 'tagline guru' who did an excellent job in helping us zero in on potential taglines, but he did so much more by helping us frame our overall thinking on a marketing strategy. He operates more like a business partner than a vendor. I would definitely use his services at a much earlier stage on future projects.”

– Michael J. Critelli, Executive Producer, From the Rough, and President,
From the Rough Productions LLC

“Eric is truly the ‘Tagline Guru!' He is absolutely the most qualified person we've ever worked with when it comes to taglines. His professionalism, knowledge, and integrity are top notch. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.”

– Glen Dall, EVP & COO, Insignia Systems, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

“I couldn't be more pleased with the work that Eric Swartz, the Tagline Guru, did for me! He is a master of his craft and was extremely professional and thorough with the process. I am very happy with the tagline he came up with and it has given me more confidence in my business. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a sharp focus and distinctive phrase for their business. Thank you, Eric!”

Colleen Roux, Realtor, Blanchard, OK

“When starting our agency, we wanted a tagline that laid the groundwork for our brand identity and leveraged the promise of our name. Tagline Guru nailed both – quickly and easily – with a deft display of focus and finesse. In my estimation, Eric Swartz not only ran with the ball, he scored a touchdown.”

Fletcher N. Smith III, President, Blueprint Sports Group, Chicago, IL

“Intuitive. Strategic. Focused. Creative. Tagline Guru delivers on all accounts. After months of in-house tagline brainstorming, countless focus groups and endless wordsmithing, I knew I needed to find an expert. Eric Swartz answered the call with professionalism, approachability, and a timely delivery. As an entrepreneur launching a small start-up consulting firm, I knew my brand needed a smart tagline but we just couldn't get there on our own. Eric's fresh perspective, objectivity, and experience led the way. He exceeded our expectations with a prolific list of choices and was able to work within our budget. Best of all, he strategically condensed our brand into six perfect words.”

Susan Dabbar, President & Founder, AdmissionSmarts LLC, Houston, TX

“The full brand audit that Eric Swartz conducted for Hair Club provided us a foundation with which to reshape our brand and communicate its value in a more comprehensive and holistic way. Also, Eric's tagline development was a real bonus. Not only was his process flexible and collaborative, the end result was great! The next time you feel like refining or renovating your brand, I recommend that you contact Tagline Guru.”

– Lee Zoppa, Vice President of Marketing & Advertising, Hair Club, Boca Raton, FL

“I am the commander of a small, part-time National Guard Band based in our nation's capital. After attending the Army Band Leader Conference, I realized that our unit was unique but had no words to tell the world who we are, what we do, and why we're different. So I began an Internet search using the word "tagline" and Tagline Guru kept popping up. I studied their site and read about what a tagline is and what it's supposed to do. No other site explained it so simply and clearly. Also, Tagline Guru had a great portfolio of taglines that really drove home the point that we needed an expression that told our story in one brief and memorable line. Right from the very first e-mail, Eric Swartz, the "Tagline Guru," put on his thinking cap and started his creative engine. When I received the first list of taglines, I nearly fell out of my seat! He completely captured the essence of our band – and our brand. Then came Round 2...and Round 3...and the taglines got better and better. Even the questions Eric used to glean information about us were incredibly insightful. Working with Tagline Guru throughout this endeavor has been very meaningful to me and to the entire 257th Army Band. The energy and enthusiasm that Eric's taglines generated among the soldiers made us feel like he was actually a member of the 257th. We can't wait to introduce ourselves and our new identity to the entire nation. We're totally jazzed!”

– Sheila M. Klotz, Commander, 257th Army Band, Washington, D.C.

“Tagline Guru has come to the rescue again! Eric Swartz was able to strategically condense the essence of our company brand into a tagline that is compelling and clear. As seasoned marketers, we knew we needed a fresh perspective. Eric kept us focused on our objective in a timely and professional manner and presented more ideas than we could possibly use. He even went 150 percent beyond the original contract without presenting a bill. Needless to say, we are using his tagline today, where it can be seen in commercial use on packaging, collateral, web sites, and brand documentation. Without reservation, I highly recommend Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru!”

– Barbara O'Brian, Marketing Communications Manager, Brasstech, Inc., A MASCO Company, Santa Ana, CA

“When I think of Eric Swartz's naming and sloganeering work, one word comes to mind: nuanced. It's that unique ability to express shades of tone and meaning while extracting optimal value and effect. Eric's output is prolific, his branding sound, and his understanding of client needs intuitively strategic.”  

– Matt Learnard, Vice President, Creative Strategy Group, Inc., Yardley, PA

“Eric Swartz is the best! We started a new company, and for several months have been looking for a tagline to match our business philosophy, niche, and identity. We managed to create a few, but felt it needed to be polished as well as more compelling and memorable. After sending our suggestions to Eric, the Tagline Guru, he quickly provided us a list of finely-tuned choices and eventually helped us select one that was focused, strategic, clear, and simple. Eric was extremely supportive, understanding, and patient throughout the process. The price was also reasonable and within our budget. We like the personal touch that comes with his work and he has our highest recommendation.”

– Rev. Dr. Prince C. Oteng-Boateng, President, Innovative Counselling Solutions, Calgary, AB, Canada

“When building my business I knew what I was all about and the value I had to offer, but I was at a loss on how to articulate it. I needed someone who could craft the right expression in a concise, appealing, and compelling way. I looked for the best because I wanted the best, and I feel my wish was granted. Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru generated lots of options to help me gain clarity and communicate real brand value. The ideas that he generated during our time working together propelled me on an upward surge that continues to this day. Without a doubt, hiring Tagline Guru turned out to be an empowering and profitable decision for my business.”

Elise Perez, Founder and President, Highest Path & Purpose, Raleigh, NC

“Eric's tagline development process brought our staff together in a way that was sorely needed – a great team-building exercise that led to a unifying, enthusiastic response. The work itself was exceptionally thorough, responsive, and insightful. Thanks to the Tagline Guru, we now have an expression that conveys a passion for music to our targeted audience.”

Julia Richter, Executive Director, Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir, Oakland, CA

“We hired Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru to create a business name and tagline for our new business enterprise...and we're ecstatic with the results. Eric came up with so many fantastic options that it was difficult to choose just one. So we purchased several of them. In fact, some will will make great headlines for our marketing campaigns. We heartily recommend Tagline Guru to any organization that wants to convey its brand message just right. By the way, the customer service was outstanding! We plan to use Tagline Guru for any new projects that we launch.”

– Lisa Drake, Managing Director, BHL Media Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia

“When I needed a world class mind to help articulate the next iteration of my company's brand messaging, I turned to Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru. Let me just say this: Eric really delivered! He was able to tap in, extract, and communicate what remained captive between my ears. His audit process, and the conceptual challenges it enabled us to tackle, generated a torrent of breakthrough ideas; and the language in which they were expressed was succinct, original, and compelling. I can state unequivocally that Eric's strategic and creative contributions to my rebranding effort has given me the green light to go to market with way more clarity and confidence.”

– Darryl Trent, President & Founder, Trent Consulting, Philadelphia, PA

“By naming our new division (AnchorCare) and creating its tagline, Eric Swartz laid the foundation we needed to build a singular but unified brand identity. It's rare to find a brand architect who combines strategic thinking and creative problem-solving, and can communicate big ideas down to the last detail. We found such a person in Eric.”

– Jim Davidson, CEO, Strategic Financial, Claremont, CA

“As a public speaker, it is very important to have a tagline that speaks to the essence of one's message. Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was able to capture the thrust of my message and, in so doing, develop a wonderful tagline. The process of developing the tagline was efficient, effective, and creative. I would recommend Tagline Guru to anyone who wants to evolve their brand, their message, and their platform. You will not be disappointed!”

– Eliakim Thorpe, CEO, ACTS II Ministry for Teens, Nazareth, MI

“We are a small, woman-owned eLearning design business coming from recent experiences where service and outcome was far less than stellar. We can honestly say it was a complete joy to work with Eric Swartz. Throughout the entire tagline development process he was responsive, supportive, incredibly courteous, and patient as we narrowed down our selections. The most difficult part about the process was deciding! Eric has an unparalleled skill with words. We were so pleased how he successfully captured the essence of our business that we purchased two additional taglines. If you are considering storyline development – do it – you won't regret it. We plan on using our new storylines in our marketing material. Without hesitation, we highly recommend working with Tagline Guru.”

– Lesley Cashman & Ann Purchase, Founders of AdvantEdge Education, Albany, NY

“Taglines are definitely Eric’s sweet spot. He stays out of the weeds and can see your value proposition from the perspective of the customer, and then capture it in a few short words. I’m so glad I retained him to help us... just wish I did it sooner!”

– Kathy Forbes, Partner, The Forbes Group, Atlanta, GA

“Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was instrumental in helping our university develop a message that concisely conveyed the image we wished to project. Not only did Eric provide a wide variety of choices, he also demonstrated a keen commitment to understanding our institution and its objectives.”

– Cole Gentry, Director of Marketing and Branding, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA

“In seeking unique expertise and vision to guide our firm, we were delighted to find Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru. Eric quickly identified our firm’s strengths and objectives and presented an array of truly compelling marketing choices for us to consider. We are proud of the excellent results achieved and met our deadline with time to spare. We very highly recommend the work of Tagline Guru.”

– Eric Boucheron, Chief Technology Officer, Richardson + Burgess LLP, Austin, TX

“What a pleasure partnering with TaglineGuru! Unlike larger agencies, it is flexible and collaborative – with a deft personal touch. And its branding ideas are on a par with the biggest names in the business. I hope TaglineGuru remains the industry's best kept secret so I can continue to work directly with Eric Swartz.”

– Paul Brosche, President, PHB Management Advisory Group, Claremont, CA

“I really wanted help with the development of our new tagline from an outside creative source. When I was searching online, I found Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru. I was comfortable with our personal conversation and the reasonable pricing he proposed, so I took a chance. Everything that was promised was delivered. We contributed a lot of information to the process, which is important to get the best results. Eric read our input carefully, listened to us, and delivered on every step of his agreement – fueling the creative fires which resulted in a new tagline. We are very pleased with the results, and it was a pleasure working with Eric Swartz.”

– Pat Basteri, President, massAV, Billerica, MA

“Eric Swartz is the undisputed king of the nine-syllable novel – one part e.e. cummings, two parts Hemingway, and a dash of Ogden Nash for good measure.”

– David Allan, President & Founder, Allan Consulting, Houston, TX

“When searching online for a top-notch branding professional, Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru jumped to the top of our list. We were absolutely delighted with Eric's process. The ideas presented were very creative, clever, and edgy. From the challenging and insightful tagline audit through each successive round of development, our new tagline took shape and found its ideal expression. If you want to take your brand to a higher level, we recommend Tagline Guru without reservation. Also, be sure to ask for storyline development because it's a great complement to your tagline. Bottom line: You won't be disappointed at all...and will have spent your money very wisely indeed.”

– Conor Hannah, Managing Director, Precooked.com, Emsworth, U.K.

“From the moment we began working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru, we quickly realized he was a real pro. Eric was patient and understood our objectives, and his expertise made us feel at ease as he guided us every step of the way. Due to our tight schedule, Eric expedited the whole process, and his fresh perspective made that process go smoothly and easily. We're extremely happy with the results: the tagline we selected hit the mark and has been quite effective. It was a pleasure working with the very talented Eric Swartz. He certainly is THE Tagline Guru”

– Linda Atteo, Digital Content and Licensing Coordinator, American Academy of Pediatrics,
Elk Grove Village, IL

“If you're looking for strategic and creative support in the development of a corporate slogan, put Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru at the top of your list. Eric guided us through the process smoothly, logically, and quickly so that we could move forward confidently with our re-branding initiative.”

– Jim Aubele, Vice President, Marketing, Ryan & Company, Dallas, TX

“When it came to nailing our brand message in one round, which is what we predicted Eric Swartz would do, he really hit it on the nose. We wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you, Tagline Guru!”

– Kyle Burdette, Director of Marketing, Action Target Inc., Provo, UT

“Eric Swartz is the brandmaster we call on in a pinch. He's quick on his feet but always thinks things through. He works on a metaphorical level but is always attuned to client needs and objectives. I like to think of him as a brainstorm in a bottle!”

– Neil Chaudhari, President & Founder, Propane Studio, San Francisco, CA

“We couldn't have asked for more when we retained Eric Swartz to help us with our branding. The depth of his expertise and consultative support were instrumental in guiding us to our final decision. Aside from the great tagline, it was the strategic and competitive thinking behind it that made this process so worthwhile.”

– Mark Conrad, President, Natural Selections Vending, Seattle, WA

“As a new non-profit organization, we wanted a tagline that differentiated us in a succinct and powerful way. When we found Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru, our prayers were answered. Not only did Eric guide our strategic thinking, he produced a dazzling array of taglines from which to choose. The rest, as they say, was a piece of cake.”

– Catherine Coy, President, Humane Media Initiative, Huntington Beach, CA

“We're glad we found Eric Swartz of TaglineGuru to help brand our company. His creative process helped us focus on the meaning behind our message and enabled us to narrow and weigh our top picks. In the end, we got exactly what we wanted: a tagline that embodies the essence of our brand promise.”

– Nelson Davis, President, Aspen Ridge Management, Provo, UT

“As a new company, we wanted to create a brand that was strong, clear, and consistent. Tagline Guru helped us do just that. Their process was logical, smooth, and thoughtful, and enabled us to make strategic choices every step of the way regarding our tagline, product names, and naming convention.”

– Jayme Fishman, President & Founder, Second Decimal, Middleton, MA

“Big ideas...great branding strategies...and a talent for creating memorable, spot-on names and slogans. TaglineGuru delivers all this and more, time after time. Want to make an impact? My advice: call Eric Swartz.”

– Mark Galarneau, Principal, Galarneau & Sinn, Ltd., Redwood City, CA

“As a regional company with national aspirations, we asked Tagline Guru to conduct a Brand Audit and re-brand us with a new tagline and logo. Not only did we end up with a stronger and more unified brand identity, but also much better positioned in the markets we serve.”  

– Gene Garrett, President, HTC Express, Inc., Roff, OK

“It was true delight to work with Eric Swartz, the Tagline Guru. We felt his insights into our brand really captured the essence of what we were trying to say. Eric's process was flexible, and his tagline expressions right on the mark. Without question, we know our brand will be infinitely stronger as a result.”  

– Dianne Giancarlo, Owner, The 3rd Door, Palo Alto, CA

“I'm really glad that I brought Eric Swartz on board to develop my company's tagline. I found him to be thoroughly professional, responsive, and intuitive. Best of all, he created several well-targeted taglines that hit the nail on the head. In the end, I was able to select the one expression that gave us a healthy competitive edge.”  

– Dr. Thuc Doan Huynh, President, Outthink CS, Rapid City, SD

“If you're in the market for a tagline, get hold of Eric Swartz, the Tagline Guru. We were very impressed with his strategic approach, his methodology, and the great taglines. And the turnaround time was fast! Our brand message is now clearer and stronger as a result.”  

– Annette Jukes, Vice President of Marketing, Bo-Witt Products, Inc., Edinburgh, IN

“When we needed a tagline to accompany the relaunch of our magazine, Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru stepped forward and provided the necessary guidance and creative focus to get the ball rolling. Within a few days, we had a rich assortment of brand expressions from which to choose...and were delighted with the final outcome. Thank you, Tagline Guru!”  

– Jennifer Keegan, Publisher, Your Local Kids Source, Long Island, NY

“Working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was a real pleasure. He helped us see the big picture and narrow down our tagline choices to the one that truly embraced our company's vision and brand identity. The experience was perfect...and we couldn't be happier!”  

– Michael Kukol, President and Founder, Horizon Landscape & Design, Wyckoff, NJ

“As a musical venue known for its thrilling live performances, we wanted a slogan that captured the intimacy of its setting...from the patron's perspective. Eric Swartz helped us focus on the one message that summed up the Belly Up Aspen experience in a fun and personal way. He certainly lives up to the name of Tagline Guru.”  

– Kimberly Kuliga, Director of Marketing, Promotions, and Live Events, Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO

“It's refreshing to work with an agency that gets the message right. TaglineGuru's strategic and creative direction helped us focus on our marketing objectives and brand positioning – and on a tagline with the strongest vision, promise, and niche appeal.”  

– David Maxfield, Founder, Interact Performance Systems, Inc., Anaheim, CA

“I frequently collaborate with Eric Swartz on high-profile web site projects. He's not only creative, intuitive, and thoroughly professional, but gives new meaning to the concepts of groundwork and teamwork. Looking for a top-notch writer and branding guru? Stop! You just found him.”

– Kristen McDonnell, President and Founder, Studio Kristen, San Francisco, CA

“The word ‘Guru’ is often thrown around with reckless abandon. In the case of Tagline Guru, it couldn't be better deserved. Eric Swartz treated my brand with the greatest respect and understanding, and revealed a way to express it both creatively and convincingly. Hands down, it was a tagline experience par excellence.”

Kelly A. Meerbott, Meerbott Marketing, Virginia Beach, VA

“The entire tagline development process helped us define who we are as a company. Not only was it a true pleasure working with Eric Swartz, his professionalism and creativity went above and beyond our wildest expectations. No doubt about it – he is The Tagline Guru.”

– Michelle Nadon, President & CEO, Little Green Bags, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“Working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was a breeze. He provided my company's brand with a clear identity and was gracious enough to furnish a wealth of options throughout the entire process. I wholeheartedly recommend Tagline Guru to anyone looking for an experienced industry creative...not to mention a great tagline!”

– Keith Elliott, President, Resonant Rhythm, Seattle, WA

“Eric Swartz certainly lives up to the name of TaglineGuru. As a sloganeer, he has a gift for expressing nuance and meaning with incredible clarity. Eric's approach is inventive, insightful, and instructive. Best thing is, he came to my rescue quickly without the usual marketing babble. Tagline aside, the whole experience was, in a word, terrific!”

– Eva Paley, Founder & President, Tea N Things, Voorhees, NJ

“I worked with a few other tagline developers and came away feeling very dissatisfied. Then I found Eric Swartz of TaglineGuru. Not only did Eric nail my brand message, he generated superb tagline picks – exactly what I was looking for. As far as I'm concerned, he hit a hole-in-one.”

– Mike Pedersen, President, Golf-Trainer.com, Cave Creek, AZ

“Thank you for absolutely nailing my creative brief. My tagline is gold. You took the time to listen, to understand my vision and my business, and delivered a simple, sustainable, and perfect tagline of which I am so immensely proud.”

– Filipa Preston, Founder & President, Software Optimisation Services (SOS) Pty Ltd, Claremont, Western Australia

“Having worked with Eric Swartz on branding ideas for a variety of high-profile sites, I know what a valuable creative resource he is. When it comes to distilling a vision, differentiating a position, and crafting a message, Eric simply has no equal.”

– Bruce Randall, President, 4D Internet Solutions, Sausalito, CA

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Eric Swartz on the development of my business tagline. I found him to be keenly insightful, and his creative process clear and comprehensive. By helping define and differentiate my organization's brand, Eric enabled me to focus on the needs of my target audience and select an expression that truly reflected the essence of my vision.”

– Kendra Reddy, President, Blueprint Strategies, Toronto, ON

“Tagline Guru created a slogan for us that captured the essence of who we are and what we stand for – all in short order. We couldn't have asked for a better or more satisfying re-branding experience.”

– Alison Sanford Ingle, Communications Manager, Alabama Housing Finance Authority, Montgomery, Alabama

“Writing taglines is difficult and takes a great amount of work to get to the right one. Thankfully, I reached out to Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru when FPgirl had the need. Not only did it save me time and internal resources, I have no doubt we came away with something that was better than anything we could have developed. Eric's process is thorough, yet he was able to get to the essence of our brand quickly and provide fantastic tagline options. I would not hesitate to recommend or work with Eric again.”

– Carl Schwartz, VP Marketing, FPgirl, Beverly, MA

“I never cease to be amazed by the top flight creative that TaglineGuru consistently delivers. When it comes to brand messaging, Eric Swartz's ideas are fun, fresh, and dead on the money. As far as quick turnaround and dependability are concerned, Eric is absolutely focused and relentless. The killer tagline is only the tip of the iceberg.”

– Marc Senasac, Founder, Sp3d, Inc., San Francisco, CA

“Eric Swartz walked us through the tagline development process every step of the way, enabling us to compare and contrast various brand strategies and expressions. It really helped us hone in on the right message and the best position for our company. Thank you, Tagline Guru!”

– Judi Sewall, Marketing Manager, TradeWinds Mechanical Services, Exeter, NH

“What a find! Who knew there was a Tagline Guru who specialized in the art of sloganeering? Eric Swartz's methodology, creativity, and expertise really made the difference. Not only do we have a brand message that reflects our uniqueness but a tagline around which we can rally. Thanks for hitting our sweet spot.”

– Karen Steckler, President, FusionWorks LLC, Bellevue, WA

“It was a pleasure working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru. The suggested taglines he developed for my business were effective and creative, and eloquently captured and conveyed the essence of my vision. Overall, it was a great experience and the best choice I could have made.”

Leann Stella, President & Founder, Peaceful Healings, New York, NY

“TaglineGuru was instrumental in helping us re-brand our company as we made the transition from a traditional web development firm to a digital marketing consultancy. By taking us through a rigorous analytic process, Eric enabled us to focus on the message that would strengthen our position and make us stand out in the marketplace.”

– Carlos Ugalde, President, WebMetro, San Dimas, CA

“Working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was a real pleasure. Not only did he take the time to understand our business, its philosophy, and sense of humor, but the results were exactly what we had hoped for. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tagline Guru to any company, large or small, in need of branding support.”

– Kathryn Vannelli, President, Municipal Marking Distributors, Inc., Gilberts, IL

“Working with Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru was a great experience! His strategic and creative process helped us refine our brand messaging in the larger sense and distill all of it down to a powerful tagline. We found Eric responsive, thoughtful, and thorough -- traits which we hold in high regard and which, in Eric, shined across the board.”

– Craig Deman, Director, Marketing and Technology, Bench International, Los Angeles, CA

“Eric Swartz of Tagline Guru did a GREAT job creating my company's tagline and was also very easy to work with. There were so many excellent expressions from which to choose that I had a difficult time picking which one to finally go with. Thanks again, Tagline Guru!”

Kevin Huck, President, Lucid Technical Communication, Inc., Henry, IL