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What’s Your Story?

Didn't mean to put you on the spot.

The reason we ask is this: It's your story that reveals the value of your brand. In other words, what makes you tick and your customers stick.

Last you checked, does your story's message still resonate with your audience? Does it differentiate you from the competition?

Since every brand has a story to tell...some better than others...we believe the key to a good story is a great tagline.

As the exclamation point to your story, the tagline is the quickest and most effective way to connect your audience to your brand -- giving it marquee value.

Which begs the question...what's your tagline doing for you? Does it embody your vision and embrace your values with clarity and conviction?

Sadly, the vast majority of taglines are on permanent hiatus and not up to the job. Instead of inspiring a smile,
a laugh, or flash of insight, they induce a polite but tired yawn. Simply put, they "don't got legs."

We believe a hard-working tagline should reveal a truth: A bold vision...a core value...a compelling advantage...
a believable promise...an authentic experience. It should be true to the brand it serves.

If your brand is indistinguishable from other brands, then your tagline will likely be perceived as a "me-too,"
a "me neither," or a "say, what?" To put it bluntly, without an authentic brand, you're bland. Or worse, invisible.

Whether you're attempting to brand a corporation, association, or destination -- or even a school, event, movie, or politician -- you need to find the right way to communicate what it's all about and why the world should care. Then you'll be in a position to package that big audacious idea into an expression that's easy to understand, easy to say, and easy to remember.

Piece of cake, right? Well, actually it takes a combination of strategic thinking, creative noodling, and deft wordsmithing to get it just right.

But here's the good news: That's what we do. And we can help you achieve your branding objective in short order.

Offering a full complement of strategic, creative, and consultative support, we have expanded the reach and visibility of more than 400 brands in 170 industries on six continents. Our clients run the gamut from large, complex organizations to solo entrepreneurs just making a go of it.

We can create a brand identity from the ground up, revamp your narrative, or simply refresh its main message. It's all about putting a spotlight on your brand, giving your story legs, and making your audience go "aha!"

By the way, the journey that gets you there is empowering, eye-opening, and enjoyable.

So dust off your story, give me a call, and let's get verbal!


Eric Swartz

It's your brand on the line.