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Signs You’re Having a Brand Meltdown
You don’t have to be a brandthropologist to know you’re having a brand meltdown.

The signs and symptoms are obvious: lack of vision and alignment, conflicting communications, customer erosion, employee apathy, and market confusion. By and large, they indicate your brand message may be muddled, your brand position weak, and your brand promise falling on deaf ears.

When your brand is off-kilter or out of touch, it’s time to rebrand, or, in other words, rekindle your values, reclaim your position, and reassert your promise. If your stakeholders are experiencing less and less satisfaction from your brand, then bring back its luster with clarity and conviction.

Whatever you do, don’t throw out your brand with the bath water. Or try to reinvent the wheel. Simply revive, refresh, and revitalize…and make your old brand new again.

By conducting a Brand Audit, Assessment, & Analysis, we can help you refocus your branding efforts, revamp those aspects of your identity that require critical attention, and launch your re-minted brand in short order.

To establish an enduring connection with an audience, our branding efforts focus on modifying and amplifying the brand experience. To help guide that experience, we focus on the most influential components of your brand identity – your message, position, and promise.

The brand message enables you to align your brand to an intended audience. Presenting a distinct point of view, it is the glue that cements all of the other brand components together. It’s a way to inspire and unify your stakeholders by giving them a common purpose and a battle cry around which to rally.

The brand position is the relative value or meaning that your brand has vis-à-vis other brands. To occupy a prominent place in the minds of your customers, we hone in on a key attribute or quality that they admire or desire, and one that sharply differentiates your organization from the rest of the pack. Our goal is to help you focus on the concept, word, phrase, and/or image that can elevate and strengthen your brand position.

The brand promise translates a customer need or feeling into a tangible and attainable experience. Working on a tacit level, your brand promise is the underlying lynchpin of your message, an influential device that goes beyond the mere delivery of a benefit, the solution of a problem, or the desire of an outcome. In short, your brand promise fulfills deeply-cherished wishes and dreams.

Get the scoop on your brand…before it melts down!

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