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Sobriquets have been around as long as fame itself. As a form of personal branding, a sobriquet is used to describe a person's character, skill, strength, personality, achievement, or reputation. Sobriquets are bestowed by historians, journalists, press agents, critics, or the public, and can be honorific or derisive.

Sobriquets should not be confused with nicknames, which are used in lieu of a given name and usually bestowed by parents and friends, or even by oneself. There are also nicknames which are abbreviations or derivations of the actual surname. Sobriquets are also not stage names, aliases, or pseudonyms, which are used ostensibly to disguise or replace one's real name.

The following list contains more than 350 well-known sobriquets compiled from the world of politics, sports, entertainment, and crime:


Mother Courage Bella S. Abzug
His Rotundity John Adams
The Great Stone Face Sherman Adams
Elegant Arthur Chester Alan Arthur
Old Bullion Thomas Hart Benton
Hip Pocket Harry Harry A. Blackmun
Governor Moonbeam Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
The Silver-Tongued Orator William J. Bryan
The Peerless Leader William J. Bryan
Bachelor President James Buchanan
Shrub George W. Bush
Pushcart Tony Anton J. Cermak
The Great Compromiser Henry Clay
Buffalo Hangman Stephen Grover Cleveland
Slick Willie William J. Clinton
The Comeback Kid William J. Clinton
Father of the Erie Canal De Witt Clinton
Mr. Blow-Dry Gary Condit
Silent Cal Calvin Coolidge
The Whisperer Charles Curtis
The Boss Richard J. Daly
Senator Pothole Alfonse M. D’Amato
The Hammer Tom DeLay
The Truck John D. Dingell, Jr.
The Wizard of Ooze Everett M. Dirksen
The Pink Lady Helen Gahagan Douglas
The Little Giant Stephen A. Douglas
Deep Throat Mark Felt
Honey Fitz John Francis Fitzgerald
The Pathfinder John C. Fremont
Boatman Jim James Garfield
Cactus Jack John Nance Garner
Unconditional Surrender Grant Ulysses S. Grant
Lion of Vicksburg Ulysses S. Grant
Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison
Lemonade Lucy Lucy Webb Hayes
His Fraudulency Rutherford B. Hayes
Old Eight to Seven Rutherford B. Hayes
The Great Dissenter Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Great Engineer Herbert Hoover
Old Hickory Andrew Jackson
Thunder Jesse Jackson
Sage of Monticello Thomas Jefferson
Man of the People Thomas Jefferson
Tennessee Tailor Andrew Johnson
Landslide Lyndon Lyndon B. Johnson
The Little Flower Fiorello H. LaGuardia
Honest Abe Abraham Lincoln
The Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln
The Rail-Splitter Abraham Lincoln
The Kingfish Huey P. Long
Princess Alice Alice Roosevelt Longworth
Mr. Clean Edmund S. Muskie
Tricky Dick Richard Nixon
Tail Gunner Joe Joseph R. McCarthy
Zig Zag Zell Zell Miller
Father of the Constitution James Madison
Handsome Frank Franklin Pierce
The Great Communicator Ronald Reagan
The Gipper Ronald Reagan
Mount Rendell Edward G. Rendell
Sunny Jim James Rolph, Jr.
Squire of Hyde Park Franklin D. Roosevelt
The New Dealer Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Bull Moose Theodore Roosevelt
The Hero of San Juan Hill Theodore Roosevelt
Bush’s Brain Karl Rove
The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Happy Warrior Alfred E. Smith
The Happy Warrior Hubert Humphrey
Mr. Republican Robert A. Taft
Old Rough and Ready Zachary Taylor
Give ‘Em Hell Harry Harry Truman
Man of Independence Harry Truman
Boss Tweed William M. Tweed
His Accidency John Tyler
Big Daddy Jesse Unruh
Old Kinderhook Martin Van Buren
The Little Magician Martin Van Buren
The Night Mayor Jimmy Walker
The Father of His Country George Washington
Defender of the Constitution Daniel Webster
Schoolmaster in Politics Woodrow Wilson
Traveling Sam Samuel W. Yorty



King of Country Music Roy Acuff
Cannonball Julian E. Adderly
Satchmo or Satchel Mouth Louis Armstrong
The Singing Cowboy Gene Autry
The Great Profile John Barrymore
Mr. Television Milton Berle
The “It” Girl Clara Bow
Gatemouth Clarence Brown
The Godfather of Soul James Brown
The Hardest Working Man in Show Business James Brown
The Jewish Cowboy James Caan
The Best Second Banana in the Business Art Carney
King of Late-Night TV Johnny Carson
The Man of a Thousand Faces Lon Chaney
The Little Tramp Charlie Chaplin
Slow Hand Eric Clapton
America’s Oldest Living Teenager Dick Clark
The Valentino of Song Russ Columbo
The Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis
Uncle Walt Walt Disney
Queen of the West Dale Evans
First Lady of Song Ella Fitzgerald
Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin
The King Clark Gable
The Great One Jackie Gleason
King of Swing Benny Goodman
The Pin-Up Girl Betty Grable
The Blond Bombshell Jean Harlow
Sexy Rexy Rex Harrison
First Lady of the American Stage Helen Hayes
The Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock
Lady Day Billie Holiday
The Sigh Guy Tab Hunter
The King of Pop Michael Jackson
Jacko Michael Jackson
The World’s Greatest Entertainer Al Jolson
The Peek-A-Boo Girl Veronica Lake
Killer Jerry Lee Lewis
Mr. Showmanship Liberace
The Human Laughtrack Ed McMahon
The Little Sparrow Edith Piaf
America’s Sweetheart Mary Pickford
The King of Rock ‘n Roll Elvis Presley
Bojangles Bill Robinson
King of the Cowboys Roy Rogers
Mister Five-by-Five Jimmy Rushing
Poet Laureate of Television Nipsey Russell
Grandmaster Flash Joseph Saddler
The Oomph Girl Ann Sheridan
Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra
The Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra
The Voice Frank Sinatra
LL Cool J James Todd Smith
The Boss Bruce Springsteen
Big Gate Jack Teagarden
The Velvet Fog Mel Torme
The Latin Lover Rudolph Valentino
Muscles from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme
The Duke John Wayne
Sweet Pea Pernell Whitaker
The Godfather of Grunge Neil Young



Hammerin’ Hank or The Hammer Henry Aaron
The Greatest Muhammad Ali
Bambi Lance Allworth
Ol’ Aches and Pains Luke Appling
Home Run John Franklin Baker
Mr. Cub Ernie Banks
Slingin’ Sammy Sammy Baugh
Concrete Charlie Chuck Bednarik
Cool Papa James Thomas Bell
The Bus Jerome Bettis
Mr. Inside Felix “Doc” Blanchard
The Sugar Bear Larvell Blanks
The Duke of Tralee Roger Bresnahan
Oil Can Dennis Ray Boyd
Three Finger Mordecai Brown
The Candy Man John Candelaria
The Baby Bull Orlando Cepeda
Wilt the Stilt Wilt Chamberlain
The Peerless Leader Frank Leroy Chance
The Thrill Will Clark
The Rocket Roger Clemens
The Georgia Peach Ty Cobb
The Kentucky Colonel Earl Combs
Mr. Outside Glenn Davis
The Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya
The Lip Leo Durocher
The Yankee Clipper Joe DiMaggio
Joltin’ Joe Joe DiMaggio
No Mas Roberto Duran
The Rifle Sam Etcheverry
Smokin’ Joe Frazier
The Fordham Flash Frankie Frisch
The King Richard Petty
The Iron Horse Lou Gehrig
The Mechanical Man Charles Gehringer
The Galloping Ghost Red Grange
Mean Joe Greene
The Great One Wayne Gtretsky
Ole Stubblebeard Burleigh Grimes
Lou the Toe Lou Groza
Captain Video Tony Gwynn
Marvelous Marvin Hagler
Papa Bear George Halas
The Human Rain Delay Mike Hargrove
Bullet Bob Hayes
Lester the Molester Lester Hayes
The Hitman Tommy Hearns
Hollywood Thomas Henderson
The Mad Stork Ted Hendricks
El Duque Orlando Hernandez
Ironhead Craig Heyward
Crazylegs Elroy Hirsch
Rajah Rogers Hornsby
The Meal Ticket Carl Hubbell
The Mighty Mite Miller Huggins
Shoeless Joe Joseph Jefferson Jackson
Mr. October Reggie Jackson
Tombstone Rich Jackson
White Shoes Billy Johnson
The Big Unit Randy Johnson
The Big Train Walter Johnson
Kitty Kaat Jim Kaat
Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t Willie Keeler
Highpockets George Kelly
Killer Harmon Killebrew
The Hoosier Hammer Charles Klein
The Sparrow from Minsk Olga Korbut
Push ‘Em Up Tony Tony Lazzeri
Spaceman Bill Lee
The Tall Tactician Cornelius Mack
Boom Boom Ray Mancini
The Commerce Comet Mickey Mantle
The Dominican Dandy Juan Marichal
Raging Bull Jake LaMotta
Night Train Dick Lane
The Brown Bomber Joe Louis
Big Six Christy Mathewson
The Say Hey Kid Willie Mays
Iron Man Joe McGinnity
Little Napoleon John J. McGraw
Big Mac Mark McGwire
Bonehead Fred Merkle
The Big Cat Johnny Mize
Joe Cool Joe Montana
Mercury Eugene Morris
Steady Eddie Eddie Murray
Stan the Man Stan Musial
Broadway Joe Joe Namath
Puff the Magic Dragon Graig Nettles
Prince Hal Harold Newhouser
Blue Moon John Odom
The Nigerian Nightmare Christian Okoye
Sweetness Walter Payton
The Refrigerator William Perry
Jake the Snake Jerome Plummer
The Rocket Maurice Richard
Bad Moon Andre Rison
The Scooter Phil Rizzuto
The Human Vacuum Cleaner or Hoover Brooks Robinson
Charlie Hustle Pete Rose
The Hoosier Thunderbolt Amos Rusie
The Sultan of Swat Babe Ruth
The Bambino Babe Ruth
The Babe Babe Ruth
The Ryan Express Nolan Ryan
Neon Deion Deion Sanders
Prime Time Deion Sanders
Tom Terrific Tom Seaver
The Juice O.J. Simpson
He Hate Me Rod Smart
Bonecrusher James Smith
The Wizard of Oz Ozzie Smith
The Silver Fox Edwin “Duke” Snider
The Grey Eagle Tris Speaker
The Snake Kenny Stabler
The Ole “Perfessor” Charles “Casey” Stengel
The Assassin Jack Tatum
Iron Mike Mike Tyson
The Body Jesse Ventura
The Flying Dutchman Honus Wagner
Little Poison Lloyd Waner
Big Poison Paul Waner
Mad Dog Dwight White
The Manster Randy White
The Minister of Defense Reggie White
The Splendid Splinter Ted Williams
The Cyclone Denton “Cy” Young
The Kid Robin Yount



Joe Batters
Anthony Accardo
Joey Bananas
Joseph Bonanno
Diamond Jim
James Brady
Jimmy the Gent
James Burke
Frankie Breeze
Frank Calabrese
Al Capone
Tony Ducks
Anthony Corallo
The Boston Strangler
Albert De Salvo
The Clay Pigeon of the Underworld
Jack “Legs” Diamond
Charley Wagons
Carmine Fatico
The Hollywood Madam
Heidi Fleiss
Pretty Boy
Charles Floyd
Vincent Gigante
The Teflon Don
John Gotti
The Unibomber
Theodore Kaczynski
The Scourge
Antonio Lombardo
Joey the Clown
Joseph Lombardo
Lucky Luciano
Salvatore Lucania
Baby Face Nelson
Lester M. Gillis
The Enforcer
Frank Nitti
The Snake
Carmine Persico
Dennis Rader
The Night Stalker
Richard Ramirez
The Canary That Couldn’t Fly
Abraham “Kid Twist” Reles
The Ant
Tony Spilatro
The Birdman of Alcatraz
Robert Stroud
Jack the Ripper



Wrong Way
Douglas Corrigan
The Boy General
George A. Custer
Long Hair
George A. Custer
Light Horse Harry
Henry Lee
Lucky Lindy
Charles Lindberg
Black Jack
John J. Pershing
Old Fuss and Feathers
Winfield Scott
Mad Anthony
Anthony Wayne



Prince of Humbugs
Phineas T. Barnum
The Victorious One
Mr. San Francisco
Herb Caen
Johnny Appleseed
John Chapman
Buffalo Bill
William F. Cody
King of the Wild Frontier
Davy Crockett
The Wizard of Menlo Park
Thomas Edison
The Duchess of Pork
Sarah Ferguson
The Almighty
The Picasso of American Indian Artists
R.C. Gorman
Old White Hat
Horace Greeley
The Chief
William Randolph Hearst
The Queen of Mean
Leona Helmsley
Wild Bill
William J. Hickock
The Prince of Peace
Jesus Christ
Doctor Death
Jack Kevorkian
The Sun King
King Louis XIV
Typhoid Mary
Mary Mallon
Saint of the Gutters
Mother Teresa
Little Miss Sure Shot
Annie Oakley
Father of the Atomic Bomb
J. Robert Oppenheimer
The Hanging Judge
Isaac Charles Parker
Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement
Rosa Parks
The Lady of Hope
Evita Peron
Randy Andy
Prince Andrew (Windsor)
The Virgin Queen
Queen Elizabeth I
Robin Hood
Robin of Locksley
The Prince of Darkness
The Domestic Diva
Martha Stewart
Father of the Hydrogen Bomb
Edward Teller
The Iron Lady
Margaret Thatcher
The Donald
Donald Trump
Poor Little Rich Girl
Gloria Vanderbilt
The Red Baron
Manfred von Richthofen
The Good Gray Poet
Walt Whitman
Conscience of the Holocaust
Simon Wiesenthal
The Runaway Bride
Jennifer Wilbanks


Group Sobriquets


Camelot JFK Administration



The Fab Four The Beatles
The Nine Old Men Disney Animators
The Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Band in the World The Rolling Stones
The Rat Pack Sinatra and gang
The Brat Pack Breakfast Club gang



The Bums Brooklyn Dodgers
Big Red Machine Cincinnati Reds
Big Blue Wrecking Crew Los Angeles Dodgers
Harvey’s Wallbangers Milwaukee Brewers
The Purple People Eaters Minnesota Vikings
Bronx Bombers New York Yankees
Mustache Gang Oakland A’s
Whiz Kids Philadelphia Phillies
The Steel Curtain Pittsburgh Steelers
The Gashouse Gang St. Louis Cardinals



Big Blue IBM
The Untouchables Eliot Ness et al
Band of Merry Men Robin Hood et al




Spunky Abraham D. Beame
Poppy George H. W. Bush
Dubya George W. Bush
Bubba William J. Clinton
Ike Dwight David Eisenhower
Scooter I. Lewis Libby
Rocky Nelson Rockefeller
Whizzer Byron White



Bix Leon Beiderbecke
Bogie Humphrey Bogart
Trane John Coltrane
Fats Antoine Domino
J-Lo Jennifer Lopez
Bird Charlie Parker
Bubbles Beverly Sills
Cuddles S. Z. Sakall
Fats Thomas Waller



Sparky George Anderson
Yogi Lawrence Berra
Bear Paul Bryant
Happy Albert Chandler
Jocko John Conlan
Dizzy Jay Hanna Dean
Daffy Paul Dee Dean
Buck William Ewing
Pudge Carlton Fisk
Pud James Galvin
Lefty Vernon Gomez
Goose Richard Michael Gossage
Moonlight Archibald Graham
Mudcat Jim Grant
Kitten Harvey Haddix
Slug Harry Heilmann
Catfish Jim Hunter
Moose Daryl Johnston
Napoleon Larry Lajoie
Sugar Ray Ray Charles Leonard
Stretch Willie McCovey
Ducky Joe Medwick
Knucksie Phil Niekro
Satchel Leroy Robert Paige
Pee Wee Harold Reese
Schoolboy Lynwood Rowe
Moose Bill Skowron
”Sugar Ray” Robinson Walker Smith, Jr.
Pops Willie Stargell
Pie Harold Traynor
Dazzy Clarence Vance
Icky Elbert Woods
Tiger Eldrick Woods
Yaz Carl Yastrzemski



Che Ernesto Guevara
Bat William Barclay Masterson

©2005 The Byline Group. All rights reserved. No portion of this list may be reorganized, reproduced, sold, licensed, or bundled by any means, for commercial or other purposes, without the prior written consent of the site owner.

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Sobriquet Quiz

Try to match the following sobriquets to well-known famous people of the past and celebrities of the present.

Celebrity/Famous Person
1. Tippecanoe

2. The Georgia Peach

3. Old Kinderhook

4. The Godfather of Grunge

5. The Flying Dutchman

6. The Singing Cowboy

7. Saint of the Gutters

8. The Godfather of Soul

9. No Mas

10. The Man of a Thousand Faces

11. The Birdman of Alcatraz

12. Old Rough and Ready

13. The Boy General

14. King of Swing

15. The Rocket

16. The Hanging Judge

17. The Cyclone

18. Scarface

19. The Hitman

20. Poor Little Rich Girl


Scroll down for answers…





Answers: 1-William Henry Harrison; 2-Ty Cobb; 3-Martin Van Buren; 4-Neil Young; 5-Honus Wagner; 6-Gene Autry; 7-Mother Teresa; 8-James Brown; 9-Roberto Duran; 10-Lon Chaney; 11-Robert Stroud; 12-Zachary Taylor; 13-George Armstrong Custer; 14-Benny Goodman; 15-Roger Clemens or Maurice Richard; 16-Isaac Charles Parker; 17-Denton “Cy” Young; 18-Al Capone; 19-Tommy Hearns; 20-Gloria Vanderbilt

If you correctly answered:

<5 You live under a stone and have scant knowledge of American history and culture.
You possess a glimmer of intelligence and made a couple of lucky guesses.
On the whole, you’re average, which is considered commendable in this day and age.
Impressive! Obviously, you’ve attempted to memorize your bedside almanac.
You’re a living legend who deserves to be called “The Squire of Sobriquets.”