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The outcome of American presidential campaigns has often been determined by the popularity and political effectiveness of the slogans used by the candidates, their parties, and supporters. In fact, history tends to bear out the fact that the candidate with the most compelling and memorable campaign slogan usually wins the election. In many instances, popular slogans are also linked to campaign issues that sharply define and differentiate the candidates.

The following is a list of more than 200 U.S. presidential campaign slogans used in national elections and primaries from 1828 to the present. They are presented in alphabetical order. Included are both official and unofficial campaign slogans as well as negative slogans that were coined in speeches, advertising, and campaign paraphernalia. Popular catchphrases from presidential addresses and other sources, such as FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” or Truman’s “The buck stops here,” are not included on this list.

The 20 most influential and successful of these slogans are ranked in Tagline Guru’s U.S. Presidential Campaign Slogan Survey.

U.S. Presidential Campaign Slogan List

16 to 1 William Jennings Bryan 1896
54-40 or fight! James Polk 1844
57,000 ways to tax Americans Anti-John Kerry 2004
A big man for a big job Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932
A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage Herbert Hoover 1928
A choice, not an echo Goldwater/Miller 1964
A cure for the blues Bill Clinton 1992
A kinder, gentler nation George H. W. Bush 1988
A leader, for a change Jimmy Carter 1976
A “New Deal” for the American people Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932
A new voice for a new America Clinton/Gore 1992
A safer world and more hopeful America George W. Bush 2004
A “Square Deal” for every man Theodore Roosevelt 1904
A tested leader George W. Bush 2004
A thousand points of light George H. W. Bush 1988
A time for greatness John F. Kennedy 1960
Acid, amnesty, and abortion Anti-Democratic Party 1972
All the way with Adlai Adlai Stevenson 1952
All the way with LBJ Lyndon Johnson 1964
America first Woodrow Wilson 1912
America needs a change Walter Mondale 1984
America needs another JFK John Kerry 2004
America needs new leadership Walter Mondale 1984
America needs Stevenson Adlai Stevenson 1952
America’s top gun George W. Bush 2004
Americans must rule America Millard Fillmore 1856
An American for America Woodrow Wilson 1912
Anything to beat Grant Horace Greeley 1872
Are you better off than you were four years ago? Ronald Reagan 1980
AuH2O Barry Goldwater 1964
Bargain and corruption Andrew Jackson/Anti-Adams 1828
Best prepared to lead on day one John McCain 2008
Better a third term than a third-rater Franklin D. Roosevelt 1940
Big challenges, real solutions: Time to pick a President Hillary Clinton 2008
Blaine! Blaine! Continental liar from the state of Maine! Grover Cleveland 1884
Bonzo is back Anti-Reagan 1984
Bozo and the pineapple Anti-Ford/Dole 1976
Bring It on John Kerry 2004
Building a bridge to the future Clinton/Gore 1996
Building a bridge to the twenty-first century Bill Clinton 1996
Bury Barry Barry Goldwater 1964
Catalyst for change Shirley Chisholm 1972
Challenging leadership for challenging times Carter/Mondale 1976
Change we can believe in Barack Obama 2008
Change we need Barack Obama 2008
Chill Bill Anti-Democrats/Anti-Clinton 2008
Click with Dick Richard Nixon 1960
Come home, America George McGovern 1972
Compassionate colonialism Anti-Bush/Cheney 2004
Compassionate conservatism George W. Bush 2000
Continue the Reagan revolution Bush/Quayle 1988
Country first John McCain 2008
Cox and cocktails Warren Harding 1920
Defeat the New Deal and its reckless spending Alfred Landon 1936
Dewey or don’t we Thomas Dewey 1944
Don’t change horsemen in mid-apocalypse Anti-George W. Bush 2004
Don’t let them take it away Harry Truman 1948
Don’t settle for peanuts Gerald Ford/Anti-Carter 1976
Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow Bill Clinton 1992
Don’t swap horses in the middle of the stream Abraham Lincoln 1864
Drill, baby, drill! John McCain 2008
Drive ahead with Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt 1936
Elect Gidget & the Geezer Anti-McCain/Palin 2008
Every “Buddy” Wendell Willkie 1940
Experience counts Nixon/Lodge 1960
Experience counts Gerald Ford 1976
Experience counts John McCain 2008
Fired up, ready to go Barack Obama 2008
For president of the people Zachary Taylor 1848
For the future Richard Nixon 1960
For the love of Ike Dwight Eisenhower 1952
Forward with Stevenson Adlai Stevenson 1952
Four more wars Anti-Bush/Cheney 2004
Four more years Richard Nixon 1972
Free silver William Jennings Bryan 1896
Free soil, free labor, free speech, free men, and Fremont John C. Fremont 1856
Friend of the people Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932
Friends don’t let friends vote Democratic Anti-Democrat 2004
Full dinner pail (bucket) William McKinley 1900
Get America moving again Jimmy Carter 1976
Give ‘em Hell, Harry! Harry Truman 1948
Go clean for Gene Eugene McCarthy 1968
Good jobs at good wages Michael Dukakis 1988
Government of, by, and for the people…not the monied interests Ralph Nader 2000
Grandfather’s hat fits Ben Benjamin Harrison 1888
Grant beat Davis Pro-Grant/Anti-Greeley 1872
Grant us another term Ulysses S. Grant 1872
Happy days are here again Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932
Hayes, hard money and hard times Samuel Tilden/Anti-Hayes 1876
He kept us out of war Woodrow Wilson 1916
He proved the pen mightier than the sword Woodrow Wilson 1916
He’s making us proud again Gerald Ford 1976
Hero of New Orleans Andrew Jackson 1828
Hoo but Hoover? Herbert Hoover 1928
Hoover and happiness or Smith and soup houses Herbert Hoover 1928
Hope Barack Obama 2008
Hurrah for Lincoln Abraham Lincoln 1860
I am a uniter, not a divider George W. Bush 2000
I believe in a place called Hope Bill Clinton 1992
I like Ike Dwight Eisenhower 1952
I still like Ike Dwight Eisenhower 1956
I’m a Ford, not a Lincoln Gerald Ford 1976
I’m Jimmy Carter and I’m running for President Jimmy Carter 1976
I’m on the Dewey team Thomas Dewey 1944
I’m just wild about Harry Harry Truman 1948
I’m voting for Betty’s husband Gerald Ford 1976
Impeach Bush, torture Cheney Anti-Republican 2004
In Hoover we trusted, now we are busted Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932
In to win Hillary Clinton 2008
In your heart, you know he might Anti-Goldwater 1964
In your guts, you know he’s nuts Anti-Goldwater 1964
In your heart, you know he’s right Barry Goldwater 1964
Incontinence meets incompetence Anti-McCain/Palin 2008
It’s morning again in America Ronald Reagan 1980
It’s the economy, stupid Bill Clinton 1992
It’s time to change America Bill Clinton 1992
Jobs. Peace. Opportunity Walter Mondale 1984
Keep cool with Coolidge Calvin Coolidge 1924
Keep Ferraro in the kitchen Anti-Geraldine Ferraro 1984
Keep hope alive Jesse Jackson 1988
Keep the ball rolling on to Washington William Henry Harrison 1840
Keep the peace without surrender Richard Nixon 1960
Land Landon with a landslide Alfred Landon 1936
LBJ for the U.S.A. Lyndon Johnson 1964
Leadership for the New Millennium Al Gore 2000
Leadership that’s working Ronald Reagan 1984
Leave no billionaire behind Anti-Bush/Cheney 2004
Leave no child behind George W. Bush 2000
Let America be America again John Kerry 2004
Let the conversation begin Hillary Clinton 2008
Let well enough alone William McKinley 1900
Let’s back Johnson Lyndon Johnson 1964
Let’s be done with wiggle and wobble Warren Harding 1920
Let’s clean house with Ike and Dick Eisenhower/Nixon 1952
Let’s get America moving again John F. Kennedy 1960
Let’s keep what we’ve got Herbert Hoover 1928
Let’s make America great again Ronald Reagan 1980
Let’s stop the 4th term now Anti-FDR 1944
Let’s get another deck Alfred Landon 1936
Let’s make it a Landon-slide Alfred Landon 1936
Liberty we want beer Al Smith 1928
Life, liberty, and Landon Alfred Landon 1936
Look ahead, neighbor! Dwight D. Eisenhower 1952
Ma, Ma, where’s My Pa? Gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha James Blaine/Anti-Cleveland 1884
Moving America forward George W. Bush 2004
My brand’s LBJ Lyndon Johnson 1964
Nixon + Spiro = Zero Anti-Nixon/Agnew 1972
Nixon now Richard Nixon 1968
Nixon’s the one Richard Nixon 1968
No fourth term either Wendell Willkie 1940
No third term Wendell Willkie/Anti-FDR 1940
Not just peanuts Jimmy Carter 1976
On the way to Washington Wendell Willkie 1940
Patriotism, protection, and prosperity William McKinley 1896
Peace and prosperity Dwight Eisenhower 1956
Peace, prosperity, reform John McCain 2008
Pour it on ‘em, Harry! Harry Truman 1948
President Nixon—now more than ever Richard Nixon 1972
Prosperity and progress Al Gore 2000
Prosperity at home. Prestige abroad. William McKinley 1900
Prosperity, commerce, and civilization William McKinley 1896
Prosperity for all John F. Kennedy 1960
Prosperity for America’s families Al Gore 2000
Protection, sound money William McKinley 1896
Putting people first Bill Clinton 1992
Read my lips, no new taxes George H. W. Bush 1992
Real plans for real people George W. Bush 2000
Reannexation of Texas and reoccupation of Oregon James K. Polk 1844
Reformer with results George W. Bush 2000
Regime change begins at home Anti-George W. Bush 2004
Rejuvenated Republicanism Benjamin Harrison 1888
Remember Hoover! Franklin D. Roosevelt 1936
Return to normalcy Warren Harding 1920
Roosevelt for ex-President Wendell Willkie 1940
Ross for boss Ross Perot 1992
Rum, Romanism and rebellion Anti-Democratic Party 1884
Safety first Woodrow Wilson 1912
Send them a message George Wallace 1972
Speak softly and carry a big stick Theodore Roosevelt 1904
Stand up for America George Wallace 1968
Steady leadership in times of change George W. Bush 2004
Sunflowers die in November Franklin D. Roosevelt 1936
Teddy is ready Edward Kennedy 1980
The better man for a better America Robert Dole 1996
The dawning of a new day John Kerry 2004
The experienced candidate Adlai Stevenson 1952
The man for the ‘60s John F. Kennedy 1960
The only alternative for a better America John Anderson 1980
The stakes are too high for you to stay at home Lyndon Johnson 1964
The time is now. Reagan/Bush 1980
There’s no indispensable man Wendell Willkie 1940
They’re for you Eisenhower/Nixon 1952
Throw the rascals out Horace Greeley 1872
Tilden or blood! Samuel Tilden 1876
Time for a change Thomas Dewey 1944
Tippecanoe and Tyler, too William Henry Harrison 1840
Van is a used up man Anti-Martin Van Buren 1840
Vote as you shot Ulysses S. Grant 1868
Vote yourself a farm Abraham Lincoln 1860
Walking with Stevenson Adlai Stevenson 1952
Washington wouldn’t, Grant couldn’t, Roosevelt shouldn’t Anti-FDR 1940
We are turning the corner Herbert Hoover 1932
We can do better John F. Kennedy 1960
We did it before. We’ll do it again. Jimmy Carter 1980
We love him for the enemies he has made Grover Cleveland 1884
We luv McGov George McGovern 1972
We Polked you in 1844, we shall Pierce you in 1852 Franklin Pierce 1852
We want Willkie Wendell Willkie 1940
Weapons of mass deception Anti-George W. Bush 2004
We’re on your side Michael Dukakis 1988
Where’s the beef? (referring to Gary Hart) Walter Mondale 1984
Where’s the outrage? Robert Dole 1996
Who is James K. Polk? Henry Clay 1844
Win one more for the Gipper George W. Bush 2004
Win or die Douglas MacArthur 1948
Win this one for the Gipper Dole/Kemp 1996
Win with Willkie Wendell Willkie 1940
Win with Wilson Woodrow Wilson 1912
Wings for America Wendell Willkie 1940
Work with Willkie Wendell Willkie 1940
Working for change. Working for you. Hillary Clinton 2008
Yes, America can George W. Bush 2004
Yes, we can! Barack Obama 2008
You can’t beat somebody with nobody Theodore Roosevelt 1904
You can’t lose ‘em all Richard Nixon 1968

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